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8 Day 7 Night Florida Bahamas vacation  details!


This vacation package is only $698.00 per family. (Covers 2 adults and up to 2 children any age or 4 adults) This does include the Orlando, Fort-Lauderdale and the Bahamas Cruise.  You can take it all at one time to make it an 8 day 7 night vacation or you can split it up into separate mini vacations. If there is any portion you don’t want to take it is fully transferable, you can give it away as a gift or you may sell it to someone else.

Your package will be valid for 18 months; all we ask from you is a 30 day advance notice of your travel dates.(90 days for holidays and peak travel times) There are no blackout dates so if you want to travel over a major holiday you certainly may do so.

You can take these trips in any order that you would like. In Orlando you are getting 4 days 3 nights of resort accommodations right near the main gates of Disney World.  There you will be staying at the Days Hotel Wyndham Resort. This resort will provide free shuttle service to all the major theme parks. Also you are getting a $50 Visa gift card just for taking a 90 minute tour of a new resort.

Then you are off to Fort Lauderdale Florida where you will be staying at the Ramada Fort-Lauderdale Resort which is just minutes from the beach.


Next you will be departing on your 3 day 2 nights all inclusive Bahamas Cruise.  Your ship will be sailing right out of Port of Palm Beach.  You will be sailing on board the Bahamas Paradise Cruise Lines Grand Celebration. It has all the fun things on it such as Las Vegas style shows, full casino, swimming pool, live bands, lounges, it has everything.  While on board your cruise ship, all your food, entertainment and cabin will be included.  The ship will take you over to Freeport Grand Bahamas Island. There you will be able to get off the ship for the day and go to the beach, do some shopping or explore the sites. Then on the 3rd day the ship will bring you back to Palm Beach.Whenever you take a cruise you will be required by the government to pay taxes which are called port and service fees. This will be a one time charge and they will total $195.00 USD per person however, you do not pay them today. You will pay them when you actually book your Bahamas cruise dates. So if you are not taking your cruise until next year, you don’t have to pay them until then. Of course if you decide not to take the Bahamas cruise then you don’t have to pay them at all.

Now if you don't want to take the cruise we will give you 3 days & 2 nights hotel accommodations in Daytona Beach on the ocean.

 So just to recap the package for you real quick, the $698.00 per family does cover 4 days 3 nights of resort accommodations in Orlando, 3 days 2 nights of resort accommodations in Fort. Lauderdale, your 3 day 2 night Bahamas Cruise with your cabin, meals and entertainment included.


In total you are getting a 7 night vacation package which you may split up for only $698.00 per family.  The retail price on this package is $2600.00 per family, it is being offered at our promotional rate today for only $698.00 per family,  as you can see, it is about an $2000.00 savings for you.

The way we will handle this, we will secure the $698.00 per family on Visa, Master Card,Discover or American Express. We will ship your package out to you with your prepaid travel documents for the resorts and the cruise so that you and your travel companion can select your travel dates together within the next 18 months.  Everything  will also be in writing in your package.

Your travel documents will be emailed to you within 24 hours of your purchase.

As soon as you receive your reservation documents you can book your dates or wait till a later date.



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